Vulcan Consulting & Grant Services

A full service company for supporting nonprofits and helping them achieve their missions. Nonprofits are unique in the business world as they will always have the dual focus of caring out their mission while trying to raise money. We understand that the passionate people who believe and live their mission statements don’t always feel like they can cover every aspect of their organization’s fundraising needs or unique business requirements of a 501c3. Our goal is to help you fill those gaps and operate as effectively and efficiently as possible. 

Joanna Nelson, MBA (owner)

I started this company because of my unique background in working with nonprofits and my love for helping great people make their communities a better place for everyone. My professional experience and diverse education has given me strong leadership skills that directly involve strategies for working collaboratively with organizations, their staff, and/or volunteers. I subscribe to methods that incorporate excellent planning and continual process evaluation so that course corrections can be easily made to ensure positive outcomes. My experience as a consultant trained me to be uniquely aware of the fiscal and organizational qualities that make a great organization. I consider a strong nonprofit to be one that is mission focused, with solid supporting policies that maintain a symbiotically nurtured relationship between program and business operations. 

I am personally grateful for mentors who believed in me even when I didn’t. I want to share what I’ve learned and keep learning. I believe in creating a positive environment which instills a sense of pride which creates the byproduct of an efficient and effective organization. In my experience, foundationally honest well-run organizations transform into strong reputable resources that flourish and become invaluable to the communities they serve.